Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Gerry Phillips

The interwebs is an amazing place. I was pretty pissed off after posting that last, er, well, post. Yeah, I get sick of that shit. But then, through the magic of 1’s and 0’s by way of one Matt McGee (Master of SEO), a little bit of joy was brought into my dreary, hate-filled day. That angel? Gerry Phillips.

The simple joys of boyhood flooded over me. Fart sounds, burping the alphabet, panhandling for change so I wouldn’t get beaten when I got home – all of it in all of its pure, magical simplicity. Mr. Phillips deserves our adoration and adulation.

In a world LonelyGirl15’s and Chris Crockers, it’s refreshing to see a bonafide, worthy internet celeb. Well, he should be a bigger celeb than those clowns. He’s a manualist, not some whiny-ass fakey persona. Mr. Phillips is a modern-day hero in a world desperately in need of heroes.

Let me leave you with this – a Queen classic rock classic (wow – that’s a lot of class!) that will surely bring you back to the days of youthful indiscretion and making out in mini-vans:

Yes, you can bet your ass I’ll be bringing you another Gerry Phillips masterpiece every week until he gets the wide recognition he deserves. And be sure to look for Mr. Phillips in a future “Final Countdown Throwdown“!

2 Responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Gerry Phillips”

  1. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    OK, first vid: How does he make the piano and horn sounds? I’m totally with the squeeking, but the others? He’s like a body sounds ninja!

    Second vid: Someone should make a flash movie starring Freddie Mercury’s ass, and use this as the soundtrack. Probably someone has, I should google it.

  2. Sam Freedoms Internet Marketing Controversy Blog Says:

    You do realize that is not coming from his hands. The hands were just a cover because people could not handle it.

    Don’t believe me? Here, check this out…
    Le Petomaine

    You just can’t touch this…

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