Vanessa Fox Leaves Zillow. Syzlak Gets a Hair Cut. Life Goes On.

No really, he did.

Everybody’s favorite former Google girl is on the move again, though she is staying in Seattle. Unlike last time when she told the big G to get bent (okay, she didn’t, but it’s fun to pretend she did, isn’t it?), my computer isn’t telling me to piss up a tree and I can actually follow the action! Okay, so there isn’t much action either. But those are small details. Really small, insignificant details. So small you can’t consider it lying. At any rate, it was nice to actually get to read it instead of hear all about it second hand from everybody’s favorite SEM guy.

As I read her post, I began to wonder what this meant for the search community. Then, just like all good assholes, I said to myself, “Fuck the search community! What’s this mean for me?!?!?” Oh, and don’t get all high and mighty and act like you’re all selfless and junk. You know you did the same damn thing.

So, without any further hesitation, here’s what jumped to mind:

1. In her post, she promised to write more. Thank goodness. I was thinking I was gonna’ have to start becoming a Rebecca Kelley fan boy.

2. Will I get to see more Dougie Heil trolling around in her blog? More writing means I just might!

3. Unfortunately, more Buffy the Vampire Slayer at conferences. But a bastard can still hope that it may mean more Princess Bride. Don’t take away this bastard’s dreams!

4. VFFB’s and other associated SEO geekboys will now have something to bug Ms. Fox about. All those veiled attempts to talk real estate never worked anyways.

5. Google fanboys and girls will have to continue fantasizing about Matt Cutts in a thong bikini under that Google t-shirt and jean set. I don’t know what it has to do with me, but it did cross my mind. I suspect some of these people were secretly hoping Vanessa would go back to Google and it would be like Mom and Dad getting back together again. But it ain’t. Dad’s still lonely, drunk, angry and looking for love in all the wrong places while Mom has found a guy five years younger that rides a motorcycle and the kiddos are constantly conspiring to get the two back together ala Haley Mills in the Parent Trap. You’re living in the past!!!!! Give up the dream!!!!! It’s all your fault!!!!! Aren’t you happy for Mom? Well, aren’t you, you inconsiderate little shits?

6. Hmm. Carne asada burrito or spicy pork tacos?

7. New domain for = pain in my ass. Memorizing stuff sucks.

At any rate, good luck at the new place, Vanessa. We all look forward to seeing more writing and stuff. 😉

7 Responses to “Vanessa Fox Leaves Zillow. Syzlak Gets a Hair Cut. Life Goes On.”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    carne asada

  2. Vanessa Fox Says:

    Next conference will be all about the princess bride for you and matt.

    And don’t worry. I’ll 301 so you don’t have to do any pesky memorizing. 🙂

  3. Syzlak Says:

    See that’s why the Hack and Syzlak need to speak at a conference. We wouldn’t make any good points, no lessons, no teaching. Yet you know what every reference would be?

    Cannonball Run

  4. seohack Says:

    @ Vanessa – and that’s why i remain a fanboy! 😉 And thanks for the memorizing thing! There’s very little of that space left these days.

    @ Syzlak – I was thinking Young Frankenstein. You, me and “Puttin’ On the Ritz”.

  5. Rebecca Kelley Says:

    Hey, what’s wrong with being a fan of R. Kelley?

  6. Sphinning in Vegas Says:

    […] Matt Cutts and I talked with Mike McDonald from WebProNews while at the pub. Syzlak, is this what you meant by mom and dad getting back together? […]

  7. Brent D. Payne Says:

    Swearing. Vanessa Fox. And fantasies of Matt Cutts in a thong. What more does a blog post need??!!

    Fucking hilarious as shit!! 😉

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