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Google Likes Porn, Poop

October 3, 2007

Finally, something Google and I have in common!  I knew there was something I liked about that place.

Anyways, usually this awesome blog gets found by people searching for “asshole”.  Usually, I just assume it’s my mom looking for me.  However the other day someone found this place by doing a search for “exploded asshole”.  Was mom trying to kill me?  Surely not.   But one can never be too certain.

So I headed to the interwebs.  Usually when I search for “asshole”, I don’t find this blog so I assume it’s the good folks at WordPress telling me what they think of me.  Searching for “exploded asshole” on Yahoo!, I expected to find something relevant about myself.  Nothing.  Just a few listings for (grrrrr!) and some other junk.  Nothing too terribly exciting.  But Google, on the other hand, holy shit!  The top ten listings were a collection of poop stories and some of the craziest porno around.  Go to the next 10?  Porn starts to overcome the poop, reading like a veritable back cover to a sick-out pornographic film.  The shit in those listings were crazy.  Crazy.  It made Yahoo!’s SERPs look like the friggin’ church newsletter.  However, the Worst SEO Blog Ever! was nowhere to be found.

Seeing Google’s SERPs made think of two things: 1) What kind of sick bastards are going to Stanford these days? and 2) What do they have in store if you did an image search?