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Well, Hell, That Was a Fun Ride

October 2, 2007

Holy shit.  I got an article on Sphinn!  And as quickly as the traffic peaked, it’s going back down to the abysmal levels that make me appreciate my three loyal readers.  Thanks, you guys.  Don’t think I forgot about you!  And thank you, Jill.  I wouldn’t have experienced this much fun without you.  =)

So, did I learn anything from this experience?  Sure, I guess.  I mean, I learned a few lessons about eating found food and the stigmas associated with eating said found pizza (such as it’s only okay for homeless people and dogs to eat this stuff), so surely there’s a lesson to be learned here.

Like the road pizza, free is awesome!  Especially when you weren’t looking for it!  Yeah, that’s a good lesson.  I also learned there are some really cool people with a great sense of humor that I respect, such as Ms. Whalen.  These people are like the pepperoni and cheese on that piece of pie.  There are also some whine asses, which are like the Ranch dressing on the road pizza that has turned in the sun, making it not as tasty and giving me a bad case of diarrhea.  I also learned that if I want to be respected by these members of the community and to help them build it in their vision, I need to turn away from the road pizza, and like not eating the road pizza, not write posts on my blog about posts that appear on Sphinn.  But then I realized the road pizza is pretty fucking delicious and to hell with those people!  I want the pizza and I shall eat the pizza – damn the consequences!

So did I really learn anything?  I don’t know.  But I am hungry.