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The Worst SEO Blog Ever Hits 1,000. Yep. 1,000.

September 5, 2007

Holy shit.

I was gonna’ be lazy this week and not post anything and if I did post anything it was to tell all three of you that I’m gonna’ be a lazy asshole this week and not post a damn thing. Yeah, I know I said I was gonna’ give you my daily 7 things learned at SES, but I didn’t. So not only am I a lazy asshole, I’m also a lying bastard. But then I looked at my blog stats thingy and there it was – I broke the 1,000 barrier.

For many blogs, 1,000 is what they do in an hour or two. But for the Worst SEO Blog Ever – it means there’s about five people who’ve come back and read this damn thing that many times. So, as a show of appreciation, I want to thank you personally. And if you think you deserve a shout out and don’t see yourself mentioned here, well I guess that’s what you get for not playing along!

First off, there’s Syzlak’s Search Engine Marketing Blog. Not only is he responsible for about 567 of these visits, he’s also a frequent visitor, commenter and guy who says, “Hey, you might want to re-word that because instead of sounding like a prick you sound like a fucking prick.” Thanks for saving my ass and teaching me to spell douchebag.

Next up, I gotsta thank Bagel and the team that comedy blog, Ration Reality. Not only have I been blessed with comments and visits by these fine, upstanding citizens, Ration Reality has also been a tremendous source for edumacating me every week. Who knew people were getting high by sniffing poo? I do, thanks to Ration Reality!

Also, I’d like to thank the All About Content Girl. Not only did this gal give me one of my first non-Syzlak links, she also comes by and comments on this stuff!!! And she’s 100% correct – this is the worst SEO blog ever and don’t you make that mistake again. And yes, All About Content Girl, we are a bunch of navel gazers. I like to liken this industry to being in high school again. And, once again, I’m the handsome guy that everybody likes.

Who else deserves a mention? I’d have to say Kent Schnepp. Whenever I look at MyBlogLog (which is pretty damned depressing), I can almost count on seeing his little profile button. You’re welcome to waste time here anytime, buddy.

Also, I have to say that Stoney deGeyter at E-Marketing Performance is one helluva’ good sport for letting me throw him in the pit with the Danny. And notice my appreciation – I gave you two links and the Danny nothing. I hope you’ve been training – your next fight will be against Jill Whalen.

While I’m thanking SEO celebs for stopping by, I’d like to say hello to the one and only Vanessa Fox. Not only did she take my being an asshole in stride, she even commented to let me know she digs one of the best movies ever. Plus, she has Doug Heil being a troll on her blog. Doug! A troll! Whoda’ thunk it? And for those reasons, I became a VFFB. Saaaaluute!

And to the BatWoman, who doesn’t comment too often but does let me know she’s reading. Thanks.

Finally, to all you other readers and commenters I forgot to mention.  You all may not get individual gratitude, but I appreciate your stopping by anyways.  And from the above, you see what you need to do to get a link.

So, that pretty much does it. I’m going to go be a lazy asshole now or something. Thanks again for your support.

oh – and PS – if you’re getting sick of the Tiffany and Debbie Gibson tunes on your iPod or mp3 player or whatever, go check out Donerail. And then go to CD Baby and buy the damn album. It’s good stuff.