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7 Things I Learned On the Sunday Before SES SJ 07

August 27, 2007

Okay, I’m gonna’ be lazy.  Instead of actually posting interesting things that I learned at the conference in the form of an actual post, I’m going to resort to my list of seven things.  Yeah, I know.

1.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a gun in my car.

2.  California pretty much sucks once you get much below Red Bluff (that’s just south of Redding.  Oh hell, get a map and look it up. I’m not friggin’ Mr. Geography.).

3.  When people warn you about Sunday freeway traffic, listen to them.

4.  Someday I will be arrested for opening my door and clipping a motorcycle asshole who rides the shoulder and center lane to get ahead of traffic.

5.  Amazingly enough, the only difference between a kobe burger (not a burger that rapes hotel workers, but one made from kobe beef) and an angus burger is about $13 and a fancy, square plate.

6.   A $10 gin and tonic doesn’t taste much different than a $23 gin and tonic, which doesn’t taste as good as a the gin and tonics you can make at home in a 32 ounce cup.

7.  Never abandon a table to get more drinks at the bar or some asshole such as myself will steal it and put your drinks on the floor and laugh at you while you give me dirty looks for stealing your friggin’ table.  Oh, and apparently on that note I also learned I’m an asshole.  Oh well.  Suckers.