7 Things I Learned on the Interweb This Week

1. Jesus plays hockey. And he appears to enjoy it!

2. Being the nice guy of SEO doesn’t mean people won’t make you out to be an asshole. That’s why I prefer to show people I’m an asshole right from the get go.

3.  Mr. Cooper is an asshole.  Wow.

4.  Syphilis is called the French disease.

5. There’s actually a page dedicated to all the search-marketing terms I hate!

6.  Even with TwitBin, I don’t have the attention span necessary for telling people when I leave the room to take a dump.

7.  Vanessa Fox is speaking at SES San Jose!!!!! I am SO hoping her talk is about The Princess Bride this time.  And if I meet her, I don’t make a complete ass out of myself.  Which is what would probably happen.  It’s not like I’d wet myself and shake my hands in the air screaming.  It’s more like I’d say something like “my hands smell like armadillos” or something random.

One Response to “7 Things I Learned on the Interweb This Week”

  1. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    Thanks for the props, my friend.
    I’m still waiting for you to SEO my blog!
    We need somethin to bring in the weekend crowd!

    Did I already tell you about the experiment idea I had?
    You SEO our drivel, we track the stats, and chart any related changes.
    The point: Free expert SEO for me!

    Oh, I just noticed you aren’t on our blogroll! I’m adding you right now. Sorry for the oversight.

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