Parle-Vouz Screw Off?

Okay, here’s the deal. I’m a hack myself, so I’m sympathetic to the lazy and stupid. I understand. But not the stupid, lazy and French. Especially if they’re going to scrape my site and then put a friggin’ no-follow link back here. Stupid Frenchie Spammers.
What’s the matter, surrender monkey? Don’t trust the content you stole from me? Then you shouldn’t have stolen the shit!!! That’s right! And in case you don’t understand, let me say it in a way you might understand, cheese sniffer:

Ifeh youeh stealeh moi contenteh andeh don’teh giveh me a straighteh linkeh, Ieh willeh fuckeh youeh upeh!

Listen assholes, I was hating on the French before it became fashionable. And then once everyone started doing it, I started hating on the Dutch instead. But I have no problem going back to hating you. It was nice for you to link back to my site, but first, you listed my posting as #74. Seventy-friggin-four!!! What the hell??!??!?!??! And then you don’t even give me a nice clean link from your spam site? You people . . . .

So, since you’re gonna’ play that way, go back to smoking your stinky cigarettes, buying striped shirts and berets, talking about how you may or may not exist and go screw yourselves. God bless the Mexicans for HUMILIATING you people on May 5, 1862.

And to those of you “concerned” about my anti-Franco sentiments – go screw yourselves too. Yes, I painted a whole nation with a big fat brush brush of hate based on the actions of a few. That’s how stereotyping works. Enjoy the pink fuzzy you get for thinking you’re better than me, jerkwad.

5 Responses to “Parle-Vouz Screw Off?”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    Thanks for justifying my interest in alcoholism on May 5th. Also, your grasp of the French language is weak.

  2. Syzlak Says:

    nice attempt to fix your french. it’s still wrong btw.

    ME: Parlez-vous francais?
    SEOHack: Non. Merde

  3. Syzlak Says:

    also, i don’t really think you grasp what parlez-vous means. Perhaps you wanted to say Comprenez-vous? (do you understand) or Comment dites-vous (how do you say)

    Here’s a great site to help you figure out how to communicate better with the french :

  4. SEO Hack Says:

    I see three comments. “Three comments!” I exclaim to myself. “They really like me!”

    And two of the three are about how dumb I am.

    Damn you Syzlak! No wonder my self esteem is in the shitter!!!

  5. seoline Says:


    …wrote a very informative article on…

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