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SEO Cock Fighting: deGeyter -vs- The Danny

July 18, 2007

You all know you play the game – look at the people around you and figure out could kick the hell out of whom. Or maybe who you could kick the crap out of. Me, I look at other people because I can’t fight worth a shit.

One cat I’ve seen who I think could do major damage is Stoney deGeyter. First, he’s deceptively tall. Second, his arms are as big around as my head. Third, he’s from Reno-fucking-Nevada, the bitter, ugly cousin to flashy-thanks-for-the-mafia- money-Paris-Lohan-Britney-Richey-playground Las Vegas. People from Reno are tough.  They don’t cotton to party girls. And fourth, after being to a couple of conferences, I don’t see anyone who possesses the physical prowess and presence of Mr. deGeyter. Seriously. Maybe some good drunken brawlers, but as far as notable SEOs, Stoney would kick the crap out of them.

So, in a cage match between deGeyter “the Fighter” and “the Danny”, Stoney would sooooo kick the crap out of the Danny. No offense, the Danny. But you’d get totally friggin’ brutalized. You would be carrying his books to class for him and doing his homework. He would use your arms as oversized drumsticks to play your ass like a drum.

Who’s next?