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Hey, Oregonians. Get Off Your Asses and Help Out.

July 12, 2007

Our good friend Syzlak has brought to our attention a way for Oregonians to look good for a change (I’m looking at you, Eagle Point man who set pigs loose in a house that was foreclosed on.  And you, helium balloon lawn chair guy from Bend.  You didn’t even make it to Idaho!  C’mon!  190 miles – wasted!  And then you lost your video camera.  Next time I recommend a little planning.).

There’s a little girl in Corvallis with a nasty childhood cancer.  Ty Pennington and crew are coming to town and, with the help of Legend Homes,  building her family a new house.  Go to Syzlak’s blog and digg the story.  Go to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Oregon microsite and see how you can help.


July 12, 2007

Yeah, it’s my own damn fault for having MSN as my start up page or whatever.  But for chrissakes, enough with the friggin’ LiveEarth coverage!!!!!!  No one watched it last Saturday.  Why the hell do you people think anyone is going to be any more interested in it now?

No wonder Google and Yahoo! are stomping the shit out of you people!  Quit living in yesterday.  PLEASE.