I Hate Web 2.0

Thanks to Syzlak’s SEOMoz post and after reading a stupid Newsweek article and then reading a post on how Mahalo sucks (still), I was reminded of something:


That is one of the most asinine (why isn’t asinine spelled assinine? I really feel ASS needs to make an appearance in that word) phrases of all the internet. Seems like every damn person involved with SEM or SEO is always saying “that app is so web 2.0” or that “that site needs to get web 2.0” or something else equally fucking ig’nant.

I hate that phrase. I hate it more than linkbait (heheheheh, linkbait), I hate it more than linkerati, I hate it more than link love, well, I hate it more than all the cutesy link-related phrases.

I FUCKING HATE WEB 2.0. It makes me want to kick puppies and old people. It makes me want to take broken glass and gouge my eyes out so I never have to read that stupid phrase again. It makes me want to set hospitals on fire. It makes me want to shit in California condor nests. It’s just like listening to disco – it makes me want to build a large fence around the world and set it on fire. I HATE DISCO. AND WEB 2.0.

I swear to God if I ever meet the bastard who invented that stupid-ass phrase, I will go ape shit on his ass. APE SHIT.

It’s the internet people!!!!!!!!!! It evolves!!!!!!!!! It changes!!!!!!! Websites change to meet the demands of its audience!!!!! It’s not like we walk through a fucking door and now everything is web 2.0!!!!! ARRRGAGGEHHH! Now I’m using it!!!!! KILL ME NOW.

3 Responses to “I Hate Web 2.0”

  1. The Bagel of Everything Says:

    Dermot McCormack wrote a book, _Web 2.0_ (isbn 1587622009) June, 2002

    Ape shit in 3…2…1….KILL!!!!

  2. seohack Says:

    Good to know. Very good to know. Just need an alibi and a plane ticket . . . .

  3. Add This to the “Phrases I Hate” List « The Worst SEO Blog Ever! Says:

    […] phrase, you ask? Surely it can’t be as assinine as Web 2.0 or some other bullshit. Oh no, dearest reader, but it drives me as fucking ape shit bonkers as […]

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