iPhone? iCouldGiveAShit.

It’s Monday and all the Apple fan boys and girls are wetting themselves in anticipation of the iPhone.  Whooptie-fucking-do.

All I know is that this damn thing only has five hours of battery life (continuous use), you can only use it on AT&T network (and not even their best network!) and every friggin’ hipster with mommy or daddy’s credit card is gonna’ have one.  Guess what?  You can’t even download music on the fly with the damn thing!

The counter arguments are that all of those types of devices have shitty battery life and that the AT&T network it’s using is pretty good and blah blah blah.  But can you imagine trying to type on the keypad (which is done through the touch screen) after rubbing your greasy face against it all day?  Hell no!  Put a keyboard on the damn thing!  And while you’re at, give it more memory or drop the friggin’ price!

I’m not the best person to talk about the pros and cons of this damn iPhone thing.  All I know is I was tired of hearing about it before it came out, and it’s going to be a long friggin’ week.  I think I’m going to avoid Digg for the weak lest I poke my eyes out after reading article after blog post after comment from Applets loving on this damn thing that none of them have even got to hold yet.  If you want a better analysis of the problems, read an article about the cons of the iPhone.

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