I May Be an Asshole . . . And a Vanessa Fox FanBoy

Okay, so Ms. Fox calls it quits at Google, and some people freak out, and some people, like me yawn. So I put together a post about her quitting, make fun of some people and generally show my ass.

Then she comments on my blog. And says she like the Princess Bride. And I realize I didn’t wish her luck. So, I’m an asshole. But nonetheless, this asshole wishes you luck at Zillow, Vanessa. By the looks of your fan base, it was a wise marketing decision as well as personnel decision. They’re lucky. My company is stuck with me.

Okay, so now that I’ve tried to show that I’m less of an asshole, here comes the scary part. I may be a Vanessa Fox fan boy. You could consider me a part of the paunch-bellied contingent.

After I went back and read her blog, which I always liked because it actually had real life information you could use, I realized I might be a fan boy. Well, maybe fan boy is too strong of a word. Because for everything I thought was cool, there was something I didn’t think was as cool.

This might turn me into a fan boy: the Princess Bride
Perhaps not: Not as much content about the Princess Bride as there is with Buffy

This might turn me into a fan boy: Stealing someone’s pickup to haul boxes
Perhaps not: Not just starting one huge-ass fire with said boxes

This might turn me into a fan boy: This post
Perhaps not: This post

This might turn me into a fan boy: Pictures of Alison Hannigan
Perhaps not: They’re in relation to Buffy (it isn’t that I have anything against Buffy, I just never got into it. And I got tired of hearing about it all the time. Kind of like Pink Floyd and living in the dorms – there’s some shit you just get your fill of.)

This might turn me into a fan boy: The ability to admit there’s questionable music on her iPod
Perhaps not: Instead of it being butt-rock it’s Britney Spears, NSync and Nick Carter (though to her credit, her reasoning as to why is pretty good.)

This might turn me into a fan boy: A very good post about questioning her existence
Perhaps not:TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, while it’s obvious I’m an asshole, whether or not I’m a Vanessa Fox fan boy is still debatable. Would it be so bad to be one? No, not really. But if I found out she liked shooting road signs and drinking cheap beer (which, incidentally, go together quite well), I’d probably be one. A HUUUUGE one.

4 Responses to “I May Be an Asshole . . . And a Vanessa Fox FanBoy”

  1. music Says:

    Hello, nice post. Bookmark it.

  2. Steve Says:

    Aren’t we all a fan of the Fox?

  3. Guess What? Yep, Screwed Again. « The Worst SEO Blog Ever! Says:

    […] has also led me to question my Vanessa Fox Fanboy-dom. Once steadfast, it’s really made me start to question some stuff, like if we met, would we […]

  4. Judy Schmieder Says:

    Where is language control? I resent these posts!

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