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Vanessa Fox Leaves Google. I Eat a Burrito. Life Goes On.

June 18, 2007

As mentioned in my post about SMX Seattle, I noticed there was all sorts of male attention being paid to the Vanessa Fox person from Google by what appeared to be a motley crew of the balding, the lonely and the paunch bellied after she spoke in one of the session. It was like she was the Jenna Jameson of search or something. Or maybe the Mae West.

So, last week while my computer was taking the big shit, apparently she went and declared her leaving Google. I didn’t know jack about it until my buddy, Syzlack, gave me the news. See, believe it or not, this industry doesn’t get reported on the news. Amazing, huh? I was totally unaware until I get this IM basically saying, “Hey Dumbass! Where you been? You hear about Vanessa?”

My first reaction, was, “Wow! She left powerful overlords who see and know all the good folks at Google! Good on her! Way to stick it the Man! She must’ve found a wonderful opportunity. ” My second reaction was, “Hmmm.” My third reaction was, “Maybe today I shall work in the nude.” My fourth reaction was, “Nah, I hate it when my ass gets stuck to the leather on my chair. And I feel self-conscious.”

Anyways, after a while, I finally went and read her post. Then I got to thinking about what this might mean for the search industry. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Vanessa will finally be able to go to a frickin’ conference and eat her lunch.

2. Since she’s moving on to Zillow, there will be a sudden shift of interest to the real estate industry by the BLPB crew.

3. NO MORE LISTENING TO HER GO ON AND ON ABOUT BUFFY the fucking VAMPIRE SLAYER AT SEO CONFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, c’mon! There were way better shows out there! Discuss how getting banned is like FLCL or something! Or how it’s like maggots pouring out of the belly of a carcass. Or how it’s like waking up in a crappy hotel somewhere after a night of drinking cheap liquor and finding you bedded a homeless person. Just something more relevant to us!

4. The lack of Google attire on her back makes more sense.

5. Search boy geekdom will have to find a new girl to worship. I recommend this fine lady. Though I don’t know if there are any pics to back up her good-lookingness.

6. Unless Google finds another attractive spokeswoman, Yahoo! will suddenly become more relevant.

7. The rest of us will continue to not give a shit.