Don’t Piss Off Hipsters

In my last post, I was wondering about the relevance of Twitter and discussed its coming out party of sorts at the prominent South by Southwest Media Conference. Out of nowhere, from my good SEM friend, Syzlack, I get an instant message. Here’ s how it unfolds:

[09:23] Syzlack: you’re a fool. sxsw <– you didn’t know what this is?

[09:23] SEO Hack: I knew a little bit

[09:24] Syzlack: it’s not just hipster dufuses with bands that start with “the”

[09:24] SEO Hack: I believe it’s doofus

[09:24] Syzlack: it’s the entire music community as well as advertising, etc. in fact, i think we were thinking about sending people down there as well

[09:25] SEO Hack: you better comment and set me straight!

[09:25] Syzlack: film

[09:25] Syzlack: interactive

[09:25] SEO Hack: LOL

[09:25] Syzlack: trade show

[09:25] Syzlack: etc.

[09:25] Syzlack: pete townshend was the keynote

[09:25] SEO Hack: goddamm I think you’re fired up!

[09:25] SEO Hack: who?

[09:26] Syzlack: yes

[09:26] Syzlack: i’m not playing that game

As you can see, Syzlack is pretty ticked off. I don’t know if it’s because I called everyone associated with SxSW a hipster or if it’s because I was just flat out wrong. And I was wrong. With bands like Polyphonic Spree playing, you know there’s a dirty hippie element along with it.

But, my question remains unsolved: Why should I give a shit about Twitter (even if they’re not associated with hipsters)?

2 Responses to “Don’t Piss Off Hipsters”

  1. Syzlak Says:

    oh, twitter is ass

  2. seohack Says:

    heheheheh, yeah, it certainly looks to be. looks like it’s just another way for self important assholes to be more self important.

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